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Ayurveda in Kerala

Posted by keralaofficial on May 19, 2011

Evolved around 600 BC in India, Ayurveda Science of medicine stressed on the prevention of body ailments in addition to curing them. Followed by the Dravidians and Aryans alike, Ayurveda has been practised ever since. Today, it’s a unique, indispensable branch of medicine – a complete naturalistic system that depends on the diagnosis of your body’s humors – vata, pitta and kapha – to achieve the right balance.

Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the ailing part, but the body as a whole. Making it the natural way to refresh yourself, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body and thus regain resistance and good health.

Kerala, the land of Ayurveda



Call it a blessing of God, Kerala’s friendly climate, natural abundance of forests (with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants), and the cool extended monsoon season (June – November) are best suited for Ayurveda’s curative and restorative packages.

In fact, today, Kerala is the only State in India which practices this system of medicine with absolute perfection.


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