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BJP backs Anna Hazare ‘s crusade against corruption: Gadkari

Posted by keralaofficial on August 18, 2011

Extending support to Anna Hazare’s anti-graft crusade, BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Thursday asserted that it was his party that brought corruption and black money issues to the forefront and now it will firmly stand behind the Gandhian in his agitation. “BJP had not failed or delayed

anywhere on raising such topical public issues. BJP very much voiced corruption in 2G spectrum and Commonwealth Games, and even did not allow ruling Congress-led UPA government to run both houses of Parliament,” Gadkari told media persons at the airport here while on his way to Ujjain for attending RSS meet.
The country and its citizens have woken up now, and no government can crush their agitation. ‘BJP anna ke saath hai’ (BJP is with Anna), Gadkari said.

He said after BJP spearheaded the corruption and black money issues in Parliament and in public, non-political and social organisations took it up and gave it a momentum.

He however said that Hazare and Baba Ramdev’s agitation against corruption does not indicate that political parties including the BJP are incompetent or have failed to raise the issue effectively.

“The agitation or movement on public issues by political parties and non-political (social) organisations should not be compared. Now its time to fight corruption jointly,” Gadkari said.

Such public agitation should not be restricted to political parties, the society should always come forward with their leaders like Anna, he said.

On Hazare’s arrest, Gadkari said by now the Congress-led UPA government should have learnt a lesson on unity of public and values of democracy.

“The public dissatisfaction and resentment against the UPA government is seen on the streets,” he said.

It was most unfortunate that the Delhi and UPA governments tried to crush Hazare’s proposed fast on August 16, he said.

Now, the government has allowed the Gandhian to hold his protest at Ramlila Maidan for a fortnight to which Gadkari said, “Lagta hai sarkar ka dimag thikane agaya hai…hamari shubhichaye hai unke saath ” (It seems good sense has finally prevailed on the government..we wish them good luck).


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